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There is nothing more important to prospective parents than having a strong, healthy baby. However, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t eager to know whether they are going to have a little girl or boy. The moment when new parents find out the gender of their child is awaited with great anticipation and excitement.


Almost as exciting is the joy of sharing this special news with family and friends. While a lot of expectant parents want to wait until baby is born to discover what they are having, an increasing number opt to find out the baby’s gender at their mid-term scan. For those who have decided to find out, many are choosing to announce the news to their nearest and dearest at a gender reveal party.


So, what exactly is a gender reveal party?


An increasingly popular trend, this is when you invite your friends and family to a small gathering to announce to them whether you are having a girl or a boy. The usual format is to have a grand reveal, with everyone assembled, towards the end of the party.


As part of the fun, guests are normally asked to predict what they think the baby is going to be. At some parties the guests are requested to come wearing something pink, or blue, to indicate which way they have guessed. Other ideas include providing strings of pink and blue beads for your guests to choose from on arrival, or setting up a post box with pink and blue slips of paper for guests to cast their vote.


A popular method for doing the ‘big reveal’ is to have a cake made with a pink or blue buttercream filling. The cake is completely covered in neutral icing so that only when you, and your partner, cut into the cake will your guests get to know whether it is a boy or girl that you are expecting.


Other options include,

• spraying your guests with pink or blue silly string – best for outdoor parties! • unwrapping a baby outfit for either a boy or girl, in front of your guests • releasing some pink or blue balloons


Another lovely idea would be to use one of our Heart Design Maternity Tops in Soft Blue or Blush Pink to break the news. Just keep the design on your top under wraps by wearing a jumper or cardigan until it is time to make the announcement. Then take of your top layer to reveal the pretty blue or pink heart covering your bump. Better for you than cake and you will be able to get some lovely photos too!


Even if you decide that a gender reveal party is not for you, these tops would be an ideal way of announcing you are having a boy or girl on social media.


P.S. If you want to share in the suspense at your gender reveal party, that is possible too. When you have your mid-term scan, just ask if the baby’s gender can be written on a piece of paper and put it in an envelope. Then give the envelope to someone else to set up the surprise!


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