Sharing the pregnancy news










Has someone you love shared their pregnancy news with you recently? 


How exciting! But if you are not able to be with her in person it can be tinged with a bit of sadness.  Don’t despair.  There are many lovely ways that you can still take an active role in the pregnancy, even from a distance.


Not Sharing The Pregnancy News


In the early weeks, it is unlikely that the expectant parents will be sharing the pregnancy news far and wide.  If you are one of the lucky few to be told of the pregnancy at this early stage, what an honour that is.


Exciting as it is, it can also an anxious time seeing out the critical first 12 weeks.  You might be bursting to tell, but just enjoy keeping their special secret for the time being.  You can let them know how delighted you are to have been told and how excited you are about the months ahead. 


Also, with only a few people in the know, you will be one of a small number that the expectant mum can actually talk to about her pregnancy, at this stage.  So, relish your privileged status!


Sharing The Pregnancy News


Once it is time to announce the exciting news publicly, and with her agreement, you could perhaps help with sharing the pregnancy news.  It is likely that she will want to let most people know herself.  It is her, and her partner’s, news after all and you must absolutely respect this. 


However, she may be glad of your help in conveying the good news to a select few.  Perhaps you have a large extended family, for example. Or maybe you have a big friendship group that all need to be brought up to date.  Just take your lead from her, and enjoy being part of it all.


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